Ochoa Consultants: Your Expert for ADP Enterprise eTime

At Ochoa Consultants, we specialize in providing expert support and implementation services for ADP Enterprise eTime, a premier solution for managing and optimizing your workforce. ADP Enterprise eTime allows companies to accurately manage time, leave, accruals, schedules, and absences.

Automate Time with Enterprise eTime

ADP Etime allows companies to automate time tracking, ensuring accurate management of attendance and leaves, which is crucial for both employees and managers.

Implementing ADP Enterprise eTime

Ochoa Consultants can help you implement your new ADP Enterprise eTime system. Implementing a new system can be daunting and very time consuming.

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Our consultants will help relieve some of the burden of dealing with configurations and testing. Our team’s knowledge and extensive experience is beneficial to help guide you and your team to make the right decisions in implementing your new system to fit your business needs.

Revising Existing Configurations

If you are already done with the implementation process but there are configuration issues, we can help correct your system to meet your company’s needs and wants.

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A good timekeeping system should allow your payroll team to have very little, if any, manual intervention. Our experienced consultants can help make your ADP Enterprise eTime system work as it was intended to work. Our unbiased consultants can help guide you to make the correct adjustments to your system. We can help ensure you are using your ADP eTime system to its ultimate capabilities and potential. Our team can conduct a system analysis and provide best practice recommendations.

Support and Training

Ochoa Consultants offers support and training for your business. ADP Enterprise time is a great system that helps organizations manage time, leave, accruals, schedules, and absences.

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To get the best use out of this system you want to ensure your team is well trained and versed in all the capabilities ADP eTime has to offer. Understanding and applying pay rules and pay codes can be a complex process. With our expertise, we’ll help you navigate this complexity, ensuring accurate payroll processing and reducing the risk of costly errors. Pay rules and pay codes are crucial components in calculating correct paychecks, accounting for factors such as overtime, shift differentials, holiday pay, and more. Our consultants at Ochoa are well-versed in these intricacies and can guide your team on how to properly set up and manage these rules within ADP eTime.

Not only does this ensure that employees are paid accurately for their time, but it also helps your organization comply with labor regulations. Misclassification or incorrect application of pay rules can result in hefty fines and legal issues. We’ll help you minimize these risks by teaching you how to configure your pay rules and codes correctly in ADP eTime.

Track Time Efficiently

Learn how to track time effectively using ADP eTime, improving productivity and the bottom line of your business.

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Make the smart choice of optimizing time tracking with ADP eTime, and witness a noticeable enhancement in operational effectiveness and financial performance.

Simplify Compliance

With our expertise, simplify compliance with labor laws, reducing the risk of costly errors and legal issues.

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Our knowledgeable consultants will guide you through the complexities of labor regulations, ensuring that your practices align with the necessary legal frameworks. This proactive approach not only minimizes the risk of facing legal repercussions but also promotes a fair and compliant workplace.

Get in Touch: Let's Optimize Your ADP eTime Experience Together

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